~ Testimonials ~

Here are Some Comments we have received over the years.

&?...I have traveled all over the world, and I am always looking for good candles. These are the BEST candles I have found, with the possible exception of those made for the Pope.

Susan L., PA

&?...Your candles are the finest candles I have ever discovered! The colors are rich, elegant, and very unique. They make a real difference in our home and on our dining room table. Guests always comment on their elegance!

Wendy P., Baltimore

&?...These candles are just magnificent.

Ann Y., Chapel Hill, NC

&?...I love your candles! I think about you every time I burn them.

D.R., San Francisco

&?...I love your candles! They are so special! It's amazing how they keep through the summer.


&?...We think your candles are wonderful. Now that we have tried yours, no other candles will do. We find that once we get customers to try them, they are delighted and come back for more.

Sandy S., OH

&?...I was asked to keep a journal of sales in our store. Your candles are selling eight to one over less expensive ones.

V.M., Santa Fe

&?...a beautiful location with plenty of antique and intriguing charm!

Wendy R., Morris Plains NJ

&?...The fragrances are wonderful, especiall the bergamot...Big thanks and warm regards from one very satisfied customer.

M. S., NYC

&?...You can't retire. You're not allowed!

P.O'B., NY