Privacy Policy Statement

The Cottage Stillroom's policy on the privacy of our customers is that it is to be regarded as highly as our own. We do not share your information with anyone outside our own business. We do not sell, lend, or give away lists, or in any other way disseminate information about our customers to anyone.

 Exceptions to this may be made at your request. For instance, if a Wholesale customer of ours requests that we provide information to a supplier in order to get N-30 credit status with that company, we will be happy to provide the supplier company with the necessary information to accomplish that end. But we will not even do that without your express permission to do so.

 Our shopping cart (CoolCart) is set up with VeriSign as the gateway, and VeriSign is one of the most trusted companies in e-business. Which is precisely why we chose them. The private information you provide in any order you place through our shopping cart is treated with the utmost care.

 Credit card numbers which we have in writing are protected and guarded carefully. They do not even go out in the trash without being carefully shredded first. We keep in our own computers a database of customers, and others who have expressed an interest in our candles. We do not share that information with anyone else.

 We will, from time to time, send e-mails to individuals or companies we have had dealings with, providing information on specials, seasonal items, or just as a reminder; but we do not 'spam' anyone. We personally find 'spamming' an intrusive and objectionable practice. Our company's policy reflects our own feelings.

 If you ever feel our company has done something which is invasive or infringes your personal (or company) privacy in any way, please notify us. We would like to respond immediately in order to resolve that situation to your complete satisfaction.