~ About the "Natural Beeswax Colors" ~

For years The Cottage Stillroom has separated its waxes by color because of the lovely and exciting sunny effect pollen sources leave behind. Therefore Cream, Butterscotch, Gold, and Light (Pastel) Yellow are considered "natural" colors because we do not add any coloring to them, and although all the wax we use is natural beeswax, it may have color or scenting oil added to it, if you so request. So when you order, you may order from three categories:
  1. Natural Beeswax Candles (such as Gold or Butterscotch) - no color added
  2. Colored Beeswax Candles (such as Nichols Tavern Red) - color may be added
  3. Colored Scented Beeswax Candles (such as Bayberry-Scented Desert Sage) - color and scent may be added

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Beeswax candles to which no color or scenting oils have been added are amongst the most ¹hypoallergenic candles available. Many people who have severe allergies can safely burn these candles. Although we cannot guarantee their complete safety for everyone, we can tell you that there are those (including gift store owners) who have purchased our candles repeatedly, reporting that they can safely use them while other candles cause them bothersome allergic reactions -- especially to scented candles and to the smoke produced by paraffin candles.

¹ "hypo-" low, minimal, least + "allergenic" causing allergic reaction.
Allergens are substances (often protein molecules) which are recognized as foreign by a person's immune system. Thus, the presence of allergens in the body may cause it to react in an effort to protect itself by setting up an "allergic reaction".

Since our immune systems are highly individualistic, if not unique, a serious allergen for one person may have very little effect on another. Allergen molecules usually pose little danger in and of themselves, but if a particular person's immune system is sensitized to the allergen, then that person may be "allergic" to it, while others of us may not be.