Our Mission Statement

The Cottage Stillroom's mission is the preservation of and carefull attention to detail in the production of the finest handmade pure beeswax candles that can be made.

We are living in an age in which production of products has become so price-driven that true quality is becoming a thing of the past. Our whole concept of quality today is skewed by what we see when we shop. We, at The Cottage Stillroom, do not want to see this lost forever.

We do everything we can to select the best raw materials for our candles. All the beeswax used here is purchased from people we know who are here in the USA. We use only pure cotton wyck.

We feel that there is historically something of great value to be preserved from our past. We offer some designer colors and candle shapes that do not technically go back to the historical roots of our candles, but the tradition of consistently producing nothing but the very finest product, of honestly presenting our customers with the best we can make, of confidently offering them the greatest safety - it is of this that the real tradition consists.