~ Beeswax ~
100% Pure Dripless Beeswax Candles for Sale


  • Solid Beeswax Candles (Not rolled, aerated or hollow)
  • Pure Beeswax Candles - No Additives. (We do add color or scenting oils when requested)
  • 100% Cotton Wyck - No synthetic fibers or metals are used
  • All Handmade Beeswax Candles - Individually processed entirely by hand
  • Made in the U.S.A. - More specifically, here in Historic Lynchburg, Virginia


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Bloom is an elegant patina that gives the surface of beeswax a unique look. A beeswax candle will develop bloom, a soft, velvety covering over its surface, when allowed to sit for a period of time in a cool temperature. It is not detrimental to the candle, and many people prefer the appearance of candles with bloom on them. If you wish to remove it, you may place the candles in a warm setting, or you can wipe it off.

Burning Properties:

Because they are pure beeswax candles, THE COTTAGE STILLROOM candles are naturally dripless candles and smokeless candles. The characteristic of burning without dripping is truly appreciated by many users. Burntimes for these candles tend to be longer, and obviously there is no waxy mess to clean up around them. Pure beeswax candles tend to have a longer burntime than those of candles made with other substances. And, burntimes for SOLID beeswax candles are longer than those for ROLLED beeswax candles. The quality of burning without producing smoke keeps your house clean of soot, and makes it easier to breathe.

Under certain conditions, even good, solid beeswax candles may be caused to drip. The most common culprit is a breeze blowing on the flame, but there are other conditions which can promote dripping. The following information is provided in an effort to promote your enjoyment of your candles.


  • 13 inch Beeswax Taper.........13 hours
  • 10 inch Beeswax Taper..........9 hours
  • 6-1/2 inch Beeswax Taper......6 hours

Provided below are some helpful suggestions to prolong the life of your candles and promote safety for all concerned:

  1. Tapers should NOT have their wycks trimmed, except in the unlikely event that snuff develops on the wyck. (Snuff is a black, butterfly-shaped carbon buildup on the wyck.) Should that happen, cut the snuff off and remove it from the candle, extinguishing the snuff carefully in a safe place. The wyck should be about 3/4 inch long. If the wyck is trimmed too much, the candle will drip to establish a wyck then continue to burn evenly.

  2. Column candles should be trimmed, but only if the flame has become too tall and started to peak to a point or if snuff develops. To trim your columns, as the candle burns, cut off a small piece of the wyck carefully with sharp scissors, then remove and thoroughly extinguish the excised piece of wyck in a safe place. The wyck should be no shorter than 1/4 inch, preferably 3/8 inch, or the candle will drip.

    Upon the relight, again, as the candle burns, it probably needs to be trimmed a tiny bit. The flame may reach for Oxygen since it is stabilizing for a Marathon burn. A rounded flame is what you want to look for in any case. When candles burn for a length of time they establish a wyck that will burn comfortably for hours.

    The Shell: Soon you will note that a shell develops from burning after several hours. When the walls of the shell soften, press that amount of wax gently toward the center of the candle. This will increase your burn time and the candle will continue to burn straight down for many more hours.

  3. Impurities in the wax can cause any candle to drip. You will notice a saucer surrounding the wyck when a candle is burning properly. This saucer will fill with melted wax which is siphoned up as fuel for the flame. Since the wyck acts as a filter, anything inhibiting its flow into the wyck may cause the candle to drip. We carefully refine all our wax in an effort to minimize this process.

  4. All candles should be burned out of a draft. If there is a draft the candles will probably drip. Drafts cut down on burntime.

  5. Candle Safety ~
    • Before lighting a candle place it firmly in a metal container ("candlestick") which cannot burn. Be sure there is nothing flamable near the candle - be prepared for the candle to fall over, and plan carefully on safety in case it does
    • Remove all wrapping or decoration from the outside of the candle
    • Never leave a burning candle unattended
    • Never allow a child to play with a lit candle
    • Be sure candle wyck is completely extinguished before leaving the candle
    • The use of common sense and awareness of present danger are important